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  1. Dear friends,

    as you self noted, the ZA/ZA1P is extraordinary and already illegal to use (double illegal because albanian home call with ZA/ prefix hihi) and of course not conform to the albanian regulatory for radio amateurs. I and Fatos ZA1F will contact imediately AKEP in Tirana to take the nessesary steps to avoid something like this happening again in the future.

    Please note:
    – If your license is a CEPT license (TR 61-01) then you MUST apply to AKEP for a temporary ZA/HomeCall (ZA/SP2FUD, ZA/SP6CIK, ZA/SP6JZL, ZA/SP6OJK, ZA/SP9FIH, ZA/SP9TCE) license!
    – If your personal license is a HAREC license (TR 61-02), then you DONT need to apply to AKEP for a temporary ZA/HomeCall (ZA/SP2FUD, ZA/SP6CIK, ZA/SP6JZL, ZA/SP6OJK, ZA/SP9FIH, ZA/SP9TCE) license, and you can take full advantage of it and temporary (max 7 days) use the ZA/HomeCall (ZA/SP2FUD, ZA/SP6CIK, ZA/SP6JZL, ZA/SP6OJK, ZA/SP9FIH, ZA/SP9TCE) callsign in albania.
    Of course, if not all but only one ore some of you friends, have the HAREC license (TR 61-02) then the others with old CEPT license (TR 61-01) can use your temporary (max 7 days) ZA/HomeCall callsign in your presense or duing the WAE contest.

    I wish you a pleasant stay in albania, a lot of success for the WAE and much fun!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Best 73 de Florian ZA5G

  2. Thanks for the 30 meter QSO . Great op with great ears. I have been a ham for 34 years and active DXER since summer 2015 when I became 100% QRP just using wire antennas. I have since made DXCC and only by following the DX ers Code. I love the True DXing Group Concept and hope it becomes very successful. As a little pistol, I find it very challenging and discouraging at times to compete with some of the rude and careless big gun ops but with patience and with the skills of DX teams like yours and the many others I have worked this year, its possible to have success and fun. I hope your team has many successful DX -peditions and hope the ideals of True Dxing Group catch on in the DXing community
    73 and Good Luck Rick KA2PBO

  3. As an ATNO to me, working ZA is a milestone and at my age, they are cherished. I worked the ZA expedition last night during grayline (12-0135Z) on RTTY on 40M. It was not easy, because I am on the West Coast of the US and barely qualify as a little pistol with my 50W and a wire. Nonetheless, I was overjoyed when the ZA/ZA1P op responded. Unfortunately, my smile turned to a frown when I checked Clublog the following day and found “Sorry, no QSOs found”, even though Clublog said the contacts included those up through 12-0735Z.
    Since I cannot assume the RTTY logs were not uploaded, I will continue to try again at sunset tonight and hope you are on a band where I can reach out to you. I’m sorry if that represents a 2nd or successive QSO, but an ATNO doesn’t count until it is logged, correct? 🙂
    73 KE7B in Washington State USA

  4. It appears there are some issues with the logs. I have worked you guys on 40m RTTY but clublog is showing two 20m RTTY contacts. I am sure you will get it sorted out eventually.

    vy 73 es gd DX!
    –scott N9LJX

    1. We noticed that RTTY log shows right frequency in MHz but wrong band in meters. RTTY man corrected all QSOs and now all past RTTY QSO should be corrected. Next upload tomorrow should be with correct data.

  5. I worked you on 40 meter RTTY on 12 September and again on 13 September, because the first contact had not shown up on Clublog. Now Clublog shows two contacts, but on 20 meters. This is incorrect. Both contacts were on 40 meter RTTY on 7.045 MHz. This is important to me, because Albania is a new country on 40.

  6. Hi,
    thanks for 12 meter ssb qso, is very hard from here, Bari is only at 200km from Albania, spend more time calling on rtty but no lucky.
    73 ik7jtf

  7. Help! I wked ZA/ZA1P on 09142016 at 1752z on 18.081 CW. There was no mistaking his return call to me and he acknowledged my return call but our Qso is not showing up in the latest log update. Could you please check and see it was accidentally entered incorrectly? Really would like this Qso for ATNO mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Tks es 73

    Allan W4EAB

    1. Tks vry much!!! I was concerned because the upload time was past our Qso time. Checked this a.m. and both Qsos are in ClubLog. Tks very much for your DxExpedition and the job you are doing. Props are not real good here in N.C. until around 17-1800z and your opr was doing a good job.

      GL es 73
      Allan W4EAB

  8. hello guys
    nice to have worked you from the Faroe Islands (16/9, 01:00Z, 80m) ;
    we were in Albania 2 years ago – callsign ZA/ON6NB
    All the best – and lots of success with your expedition!

    erik on4ccv on behalf of the OY/ON6NB crew

  9. Hi,

    thanks for all You have done so far.
    A great job. Absolutely!

    Will You yet consider giving us the opportunity
    to work You SSB & digi on 160m,

    We would indeed appreciate that, too .

    Best regards,

  10. Thanks very much for making Albania available. I have been listening to you on the 40 meter pileup the past hour or so from here in Southern California and your signal is S4 (Drake 2-B). I have been very impressed with the way you are managing the pileup.

    I’ve tried to get through but so far my low power transmitter (Heathkit DX-60 at 40 watts) and inverted V antenna are just not getting it done. I really appreciate your listening for us “little pistols”.

    Have a great time and hope to eventually work you with these radios that I’ve restored.

    73 – Ken Miller, K6CTW

    Oh, yes, I’m definitely not using remote control!

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